RepliCHI 2012 - SIG

CHI2012 RepliCHI SIG Extended Abstract

In 2012, we hosted a SIG on the issues of RepliCHI developing in the community. We had some excellent representatives from enthusiastic people to current, past, and future conference committees. We discussed the nature of what a venue should look like in the future, if at all.

  • We should not become the default place that people send replication work. Good novel significant results should be published at equally exciting places.
  • Tandem-talks would be a really intersting thing - we'd like to see this in the main conference one day, where original authors engage in a response.
  • We'll invite experience reports of papers that may or may not be published at big conferences. Looking for insights into what the issues are.
  • The first workshop will try these things in 2013

Reports from the workshop: