RepliCHI 2014 - Accepted

RepliCHI 2014 has been accepted to CHI2014, where we will invite 1) position papers, 2) experience reports, and 3) plans to replicate/revisit/reproduce prior work. See our CHI2014 Workshop Proposal for more detail.


About RepliCHI

RepliCHI is a workshop focusd on the meta-issues of Replicating HCI research. We believe novel results should be published at a venue commensurate with the significant of the contributions. This means significant contributions generated from revisiting work should be submitted to large conference and journals. CHI has added a validation/refutation contribution type in 2013. At the workshop, we are interested in what we learned from these experiences, good and bad, and any interesting results that do appear that can be shared.

In HCI, we strive to keep up with technology, while we have a strong pressure to break novel ground. Thus, it is not 'the norm' to revisit work in our field. RepliCHI aims to encourage a culture shift towards embracing the replication or recreation of HCI research.

RepliCHI aims to be:

  • A discussion venue, where we learn about when and where replication is important
  • A learning venue that helps us to understand how to facilitate replication


Call for Papers - CHI2014

RepliCHI invites 3-5 pages extended abstract format describing:

  1. Experience Reports from HCI replications/reproductions/revisitations describing challenges faced and lessons learned.
  2. Replication Plans, describing replication plans that you intend to make.
  3. Position papers, describing detailed novel insights into issues around Replicating, Reproducing, or Revisiting HCI Reseach
    1. Experience Reports should focus on a) Motivation (and original study), b) Methods (challenges/decisions), 3) Results (in comparison to previous work), and 4) Discussion (differences and possible reasons).

      Replication Plans should focus on Motivation and intended Methods - these will be workshopped on the second day in groups.

      We will endeavor to have authors of the original research for both Experience Reports and Replication Plans at the workshop



      Papers will be reviewed according to

      • the insights into the challenges of replicating HCI research
      • the objective nature with which they discuss the possible reasons for differences in results
      • the professional tone in which they discuss the original work being replicated.


Workshop Key Dates

  • Extended: Jan 24th 2014
  • Notification: Feb 10th 2014
  • Camera-Ready: TBA
  • Earlybird Registion: TBA
  • Workshop: 26th & 27th April 2014

Register & Attend

RepliCHI 2014 is a workshop at CHI2014 in Toronto

All workshop participants must also register for at least 1 day of CHI.

If you have any more questions about attending, please contact Max.


Repli CHI2013 is a 2-day workshop. The schedule is TBA, but we currently intend to focus on experience reports on the first day, and then focus on peoples study plans on day 2.


3-5 pages - not anonymous - ACM Extended Abstract Format

Position papers will be used to motivate developing discussions on the first day

Experience reports may be about a) previously published papers, b) unpublished studies, c) teaching replications, d) applications of HCI principles in the real world, e) or any so-far unmentioned form of replication

Publishing experience reports will not prevent you from publishing the actual research elsewhere

Replication Plans will be discussed on the second day, in workshop style